Friday, 19 August 2011


Have not posted forever it seems . have a few things on my mind I think I'll try and post them in the next few days.

I bet you can hardly stand the suspense!

Robot Dj's Of course :(

Allan Cross posted the above article on his blog. Robot DJ's I think we've had them for a while actually Radio had soul even 10 years ago. It lost it a long time ago.

This is my response on his blog.

Inevitable and yet disappointing as well. And it almost is the future until the lights go out on radio forever. As you say in the article radio’s charm is that connection between the DJ and the listener. I personally don’t feel that connection anymore. Martin Streek at the edge was the last DJ I really felt connected to in Toronto. His firing and the aftermath were that last straw as it were. Playlists are pre-packaged DJ’s are generally not music fans they are robots either spewing banalities or trying to shock the listeners.

So an actual robot? No surprise. And I won’t be listening.