Friday, 29 August 2014

Chain Gang

Ok I don't know why I called it that.

I finally got a new chain on to the Bandit a couple of weeks ago.

Had a really hard time getting the new sprockets on but the end result is awesome. I love how smooth it is in comparison.

It felt like I needed a carb sync but really the sprockets were out of shape.

That makes cornering quite a bit more comfortable LOL


I managed a 4 day trip down to Pennsylvania In July (15-19th)

Had a blast for the most part, but I was going through what I am starting to call my down cycle. it's part of the depression and it comes and goes. When it comes I start getting anxious and that makes the ride a little less comfortable.

Mind you my chain was on it's last legs and that was making for some anxiety too .

I was joined by my good friend Adrian , Adrian has a triumph Sprint ST . I LOVE that bike.

If I could I'd pick one up today. Love the bandit but.... It is no doubt getting very long in the tooth and repairs , weird noses  and adjustments are beginning to burn me out especially as I don't  have anywhere to work on it at home.

I love riding with Adrian as well, he's very good and he's just fine with whatever is going on in the moment and he is quite social and can talk to anybody. That means I don't have to either talk at all or at least not have to try and connect when I'm not able to (95% of the time ;( )

I have been fantasizing about turning  the bandit  into a street fighter and that would be very cool but my fantasy includes an engine rebuild which, without my own space that I can control is just not possible.

Still it is what it is and I still get a lot of pleasure riding.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Saggy Rear End

The bandit needs a new rear shock . The rear end sags badly almost bottoming out two up . 

I picked up a Hayabusa shock off of eBay for $ 40 ,pre-load  rebound damping and compression damping . Only pre load on the OEM Shock . 

I'm hoping for a more stable ride . The rear end  may end up an inch higher or so . That may make the steering quicker . Not sure how that will be but I'm looking forward to finding out .