Thursday, 13 October 2011

ADHD Support Group

I joined an adult ADHD support group. The first meeting was incredible! walking into a room with 30 other people who's life experience is so similar to yours was amazing!

Early days but i think it will make a real difference in my life.


I've been in a convesation about my next relationship. (Don't worry none too soon)

I was talking to a freind about Who or what kind of person I would be with.

She used the word Genuine.. Good word . Very good word.

I am lucky enough to have a few close  friends that are genuine.

So i think I knowe what i'm talking about.

Hope so anyway. :)

Slices of Life

I'm on my way home from visiting my brother in Telkwa British Columbia . Sitting in the airport in Prince George . I've had an amazing week . I saw a number of animals I've not seen in nature before , met some really nice people , ate healthy and delicious food ( including a curried chicken thanksgiving dinner that was amazing!! ) walked dogs two or three times a day , slept in a cozy cabin heated by a wood stove , used a real chain saw for the fist time , had an ATV ride , took about 800 pictures and best of all got to know my brother Al and his partner Brenda much better .

A very worthwhile trip .

A full report and pics to follow!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Western Views

I'm in Vancouver airport waiting for a connecting flight to Prince George. Where I'm picking up a car to drive to Telkwa to visit my brother . Have not seen him since 2004 . Can't wait to get there . He's got cancer . I hate cancer . Really . Love it here . Maybe a move west is what I need to break the bonds . Sometimes feel like i'm suffocating back home. Work , bills, ADHD , depression all adding up .

But what would I do without my friends? Something to think about that's for sure .