Thursday, 27 May 2010

The C Word

The C word. No not the kinda fun and certainly impolite C word the other one.
Cancer. I just heard that My big brother Al might have it. Lung cancer the really scary one. Scary to me anyway.

I don't know what to say. My brother is a new part of my life. Discovered late but appreciated none the less. I did not know that I had a big brother until a few years and we are a continent apart ago so we don't have a really close relationship but the thought of him sick with this is making me sick.

No one in my immediate family has had this curse as of yet and I'm really devastated as I write this . It's made far worse by the fact that he's in Vancouver and I'm here in T.O. without much hope of getting out there in the near term. Not that I can do much but I think or rather I know that a little support goes a long way. So what do I do in the meantime?

I guess I just have to pass on a BIG "FUCK YOU Cancer and the horse you rode in on".

I feel an unreasonable amout of Rage about this . One of those times you want to hit out at something. But there's nothing to hit.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Working Man.

Learned the first Riff from Working man by Rush.
Very impressed with myself :)
Loving the Guitar .I have a rented Epiphone Les Paul Standard. Awesome wish I could afford a Gibson but I'd have buy it on credit and that seems like a bad idea.
Hating the Shed which is going slow .
REALLY hating my broken Fridge.
Feeling Overwhelmed.
Need to start making some to do lists and get to,to Todoing.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Tires Tires Tires!!!!!!

I got 'em
This time Shinko 005's

Only 7.5 KM's on them so far . So I have no idea if they are good yet.

Saturday I'll break them in proper.

Jet kit in a few weeks and new Fork springs as well and I should be pretty set for thye season. :)

Friday, 7 May 2010

Life Goes On

Well it’s been months. I keep planning to update but don’t. I’ve had a wild number of months. My wife and I split in July last year.
I think, no I know I hurt her when I left but I do think she’s better off without me. I hope things work out for her. We suck as a couple but it surly wasn’t her fault we couldn’t work out a marriage. It really does take two to tango.
Since then I bought a house. Pretty simple Bungalow far too big for one person. Someday maybe I’ll be together enough that someone wants to move in. I’d not hold my breath though. I think I have a great deal of growing to do before someone will take or even should take a chance on me.
I met a woman, she blew my mind. I’m still reeling. Sadly for me I did almost everything wrong and now she’s gone. I think she still loves me. But the baggage was too much and she had to say goodbye.
We did have some adventures though. A trip to Deals Gap My second of 2009 was AWESOME no other word.
A couple of other day trips were days I won’t soon forget. And hours and hours talking about everything you can imagine .I’ve never felt so alive? Complete? Fulfilled? I just don’t know exactly but boy I felt good. All in all one of the best times of my life I certainly have no regrets! Ok ay not true. I thought I had found a soul mate and I blew it. That’s certainly a regret.

So what now? Hmmmmm Shed. I’m building a shed to house my bike. That’s a big deal ,I really want to be able to work on my bike over the winter so a comfortable dry play to do it is vital. A 10x 10 shed should work great. I‘ll insulate and put some electricity out there in the fall (or before ) and I’ll be sitting pretty next winter.
Guitar. I’m taking lessons. Not going great. I have ZERO talent and I’m not sure writing this that I have the energy to power through . I do like to play though so maybe i will get through.
Other than that it’s the usual stuff of life. Work. Ugh. I did get a couple of cats to keep me company. Bruzer and Henry. The sure help when I’m lonely .
I’ll try to get back to this soon. I have much to say. I think :)