Thursday, 7 May 2015

Da' Trains! Da' Trains!

I love Model trains . Love them .

I'm building a 1'x8' diorama , a 60x27 inch "Real" layout and a 12x24 inch diorama.

 This is the diorama. Actually a little further along but this is the only pic I have handy.

I have a LOT more to say about this and will be soon.


I suck at updates .

New Season New Issues?

FINALLY the weather is Ok for riding!
It was a LONG Dreary winter and getting on the bike has been such a relief.

BUT... First I had two oil leaks.

One from the left side of the crankcase from the Starter Clutch Cover. Why? Who the fuck knows!
It started over the winter and wasn't too bad but any leak is a problem so I had to fix it. lucky for me i accidentally bought a starter clutch cover gasket when what I wanted was a Clutch cover gasket . i could have sent it back but at the time i figured hey why not? It was only a few dollars.


Number two leak was the drain Plug. I didn't document it but I had striped the oil pan threads last year during an oil change . I know, I know rookie move.  Being a little rushed (by me ,part of my personality issues?) I went with a self taping replacement drain plug. I would have prefered a helicoil but that wasn't possible at the time.It worked great but the provided washer was a soft washer and not so hot and it was leaking too. BTW this is after an oil change that i had to do to replace that starter Clutch cover gasket. Why didn't I change it during the oil change you say? I forgot to get a new gasket. And as I don't have my own place to work on it I was in a friend's driveway ,inconveniently distant from a place to get one.

I  decided to replace it with a copper  washer thinking that would be a much better solution.


So after Draining the oil replacing the soft washer with copper and refilling the bike with the drained oil. It was if anything WORSE.  I revisited Canadian Tire got a fresh lot of Oil ,filter and a soft washer. Did yet ANOTHER oil change( using Castrol 4 stroke Motorcycle oil rather than my prefered Mobil1 Full Synthetic.  Due to cost mostly. 1/2 price and i wasn't sure it wasn't going to leak all over after all this)  .

Success ! No leaks for a almost a week and about 500 Km's.

All Good!

Or Not so much?

On Sunday I took San out for Brunch on the Bandit. We then did few errands ,on the way to our last stop suddenly the throttle got sloppy I was pretty sure that my Pull throttle cable had broken as it has been frayed since last year. I have a replacement but it's a bit of a job getting it on so I haven't tackled it yet. So after we got home I took  the bike over to a close by culdesac and pulled the tank to have a look. lucky me the pull cable had just come loose on the carb mount and is was just a few minutes to sort out. at least a couple of hours to change the cable ,I have to remove the carbs to do it.

After a little adjustment it was better than ever :)

But I noticed something interesting while I was doing this work. Could it be that my poor old Bandit had a Cold? Or was it spring allergies? Or...

Well not literally of course , if you think motorcycles have allergies or get colds maybe your grip on reality is a little loose?

It DID sneeze though!

For Reals!!

Only it's not allergies or a cold of course. The Bandit had what is known a a "Lean Sneeze" over a Maximum Suzuki . A well known condition bandits are prone to ,especially when stock and running very lean. What happens is that due to the lean condition a cylinder will fire prematurely while the intake valve is actually open  sending a little explosion back through the carb. This is NOT a good thing. Now I  am not stock ,I have a Holshot Stage 1 jet kit so I was not expecting to see the rubber intake pipe bulge while i was looking at the left side of the engine close up and listening. However it definitely "Lean Sneezed"

The good thing is as I said it's a known condition. The first thing to check is the idle mixture screww so i checked and it was pretty much the 3.5 turns out recommended by Dale Walker. I'm not 100% certain I've fixed it but I've sent the idle mixture screw on Cylinder #1  to 4 turns out instead of the 3.5 turns and preliminary results look good. The Bike actually felt a little stronger  on last nights ride and one of the most annoying noises it makes appears to be gone. I've been looking at the other 3 cylinders to see if it was happening on them too but so far so good:)

That's enough for now. More to follow