Tuesday, 31 March 2009


I don't expect many comments . But I hope if I do get any they aren't from tools like some of the people who post on some of my favourite blogs. I don't know what I'll post about tomorrow but maybe it will be something controversial . Hopefully some who reads my crap will think enough of it to comment. And even more hopefully they will actually think about what they are posting.

Agree, disagree, think before you post.

That's not happening of course. Many of the worst are on Humble Howard's blog http://www.humblehoward.com/ Fred Patterson's Blog http://www.canadianthinker.com/ and Toronto Mikes Blog http://www.torontomike.com/ . I presume that at least in Fred and Howard's case people going to their Blogs are fans. So why all the Aggro?

Not taking things personally will be the key of course. I hope I can pass that test.

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  1. Actually it may not be much of a test. I this may be the one comment I ever get.