Monday, 6 June 2011


A good friend said I was brave for putting myself out in public with this Blog.

I don't think my sisters would not see it that way ,for them I think they would say Stupid.

I'm divided.

I feel almost compelled to say what I'm saying. I NEED to bare myself.

I don't know why for sure but it's there. And I sometimes want to wipe it all away.

My family is /Was very repressed. There were secrets. Some have been revealed but I suspect there are others.

I can't be  like that . I have bottled up far too much for too long.

So ? Brave or Stupid?

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  1. Rosemary White6 June 2011 at 13:40

    First of all family opinions do not count. They are not objective.
    And- it does not need to be either or. Nothing is that finite.
    Focusing on important questions puts us in the awkward position of being ignorant.
    If we are not asking, we are not inquiring and maybe not growing and changing.
    Courage? It is in all of us. We just don't know it until we need it. Then we jump up and fight.
    Courage to make yourself vulnerable so you can ask hard questions and gain some strength from the answers you are brave enough to hear. See?