Monday, 20 April 2009

Humble and Fred.

Humble and Fred are or were my favourite morning radio personalities. Funny with an edge but not much Howard stern piggishness. I Miss them . My day started just that much better when they were on the Air. Humble is still on EZrock and I like listening to him but it's CRAP music and as it's EZRock the show does not have much edge and although I don't mind the co hosts he has now they are not Fred.

It was Humble and Fred's blogs that got me thinking I'd do one as well so it's there fault I'm doing this.

On May 2nd at the Dominion on Queen Humble and Fred are getting together for a 20th anniversary Podcast .They are having an open house that runs from 1:30 til the last diehard leaves. They will be holding for doing some old bits and saying hi to long time fans like myself . The podcast itself will be on their blogs sometime down the road. and

If you were /are a fan I hope you make it out. Maybe a good response will get them together on the air again.

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