Friday, 24 April 2009

The Tragically Hip

I remember when I first heard the Hip . 1989? Last American Exit I think. I liked it but... then a couple of years later Blow at High Dough. The first couple of times I heard it was in the car on a total Piece of Shit car radio. I was not impressed. And then. New Orleans sank. WoW . Since then I NEVER turn off a hip song on the radio. There have been a few I don't love but none I don't like. Sadly I am woefully short on concert memories. For some reason I just don't get out to shows. Drives me crazy. July 1st 1990 Molson park. The forerunner of edgefest.$1.02 11 or 12 bands. AWESOME day except I was dressed like a TOTAL dork. So much so that I still get shudders thinking about it. Sad. Anyway The Hip were second last before The Box. LOL WTF happened to them? My friends that went with had not discovered the Hip and waited in the car while I watched them. Amazing what a great band live. It was 2002 before I Finally got back to a Hip show. The Hummingbird centre .Odd place for a rock show but it was great. So once again I have tickets. Massey hall May 12 . I am SO excited.

So the albums.
I can honestly say I like them all. Some more than others ,Fully Completely is my favourite but not by much and my favourite song is Three Pistols off Road Apples. I like the rockers more than the slower songs usually. But I like them all. The new album goes off in a new direction. I'm listening to Honey,Please as type. Sweet. Great song. Great Album. I bought the Deluxe package that came with a T-Shirt and "Live from the Vault" Vol 4. LOVING the live stuff. I'm going to buy the other 3 MP3 downloads. Just great I love that it's all raw from the sound board. And not all "Framton Comes alive squeaky clean" it's honest.

A LOT of friends don't get it. Some don't like the music or the cryptic lyrics. Some don't like the fact that they are from Kingston. Only bands from outside Canada are cool kind of thing. I like, no love their Canadianism. Unashamedly Canadian sometimes. I love that. And why not. Canada is the greatest place on earth what's not to love?

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