Wednesday, 20 May 2009


I don't manage my life. Why I do not know.

Friday I was stopped by a police officer who let me know that my license was under Suspension.

I had turned right at a street that did not allow right turns after 3 Pm on May 5th 2008.

I received a ticket but I forgot somehow to pay it.

So now I have wasted a day off at the Court house at Markham road and Milner trying to pay the fine and will have to pay an additional $150 for a reinstatement fee.

Plus I can't drive the car or more importantly ride the Bandit.

And the weather is PERFECT.

How I have allowed this series of events to unfold?

Management. Or Mismanagement as it were.

A constant theme in my life.

I don't manage my Weight, My Money, My Diabetes, My Fitness or My Whatever.

So what do I do to correct this way of being? No Idea but change I will.

This is not first time I have caused myself grief like this. I plan it to be the last.

I don't believe that the universe is communicating with me.

I don't believe it ever has but I am forced to admit that it's almost like there's a message in all this.

A lot of my life would have been better if I had taken care of things.

Of course I do manage some things.

The Bikes, My diabetes to some extent and even my weight. But nothing quite as well I might.

In the mean time I feel like an Idiot . But have to keep giving myself positive energy or I'll get depressed.

So Universe how to I change into a person in control?

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