Friday, 7 May 2010

Life Goes On

Well it’s been months. I keep planning to update but don’t. I’ve had a wild number of months. My wife and I split in July last year.
I think, no I know I hurt her when I left but I do think she’s better off without me. I hope things work out for her. We suck as a couple but it surly wasn’t her fault we couldn’t work out a marriage. It really does take two to tango.
Since then I bought a house. Pretty simple Bungalow far too big for one person. Someday maybe I’ll be together enough that someone wants to move in. I’d not hold my breath though. I think I have a great deal of growing to do before someone will take or even should take a chance on me.
I met a woman, she blew my mind. I’m still reeling. Sadly for me I did almost everything wrong and now she’s gone. I think she still loves me. But the baggage was too much and she had to say goodbye.
We did have some adventures though. A trip to Deals Gap My second of 2009 was AWESOME no other word.
A couple of other day trips were days I won’t soon forget. And hours and hours talking about everything you can imagine .I’ve never felt so alive? Complete? Fulfilled? I just don’t know exactly but boy I felt good. All in all one of the best times of my life I certainly have no regrets! Ok ay not true. I thought I had found a soul mate and I blew it. That’s certainly a regret.

So what now? Hmmmmm Shed. I’m building a shed to house my bike. That’s a big deal ,I really want to be able to work on my bike over the winter so a comfortable dry play to do it is vital. A 10x 10 shed should work great. I‘ll insulate and put some electricity out there in the fall (or before ) and I’ll be sitting pretty next winter.
Guitar. I’m taking lessons. Not going great. I have ZERO talent and I’m not sure writing this that I have the energy to power through . I do like to play though so maybe i will get through.
Other than that it’s the usual stuff of life. Work. Ugh. I did get a couple of cats to keep me company. Bruzer and Henry. The sure help when I’m lonely .
I’ll try to get back to this soon. I have much to say. I think :)

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