Wednesday, 28 September 2011


ADHD has been on my mind a lot lately. Well that and 100000+ other things but i do keep coming back to the ADHD. The medication I'm on (VyVanse) is helping.  I spent all of Friday and Saturday at home cleaning and reorganizing . I made HUGE strides in the living room ,office and dining room and good progress in the kitchen and my bedroom.  The Bathroom is now very Clean too :) . At work Sunday i did work that would have taken about 7 hours before in 3. tedious work BTW. REALLY Tedious .  Still have irritability problems especially at work and still procrastinate. And I'm definitely impulsive sometimes. Hopefully at some point I can get past all that , I'm looking for a coach now . So expensive but hopefully worth it. tricky though. the one i liked after talking to her turns out to have abandoned a fellow ADDer i met Monday half was through her sesssions and has not paid her back or completed the sessions 4 years later. I'll be looking elseware.

I also joined a Adult ADHD support group. Wow 30 people in that same room as me with almost all of the same issues and challenges. I was euphoric leaving the meeting . Looking forward to more .

Found out that i can NOT have more than a beer or two at a time.  Very adverse emotional effects . This turns out to be a good thing. Far less embarrassing for sure!

Not the most coherent post but all I have for now .  Far more on my mind but it will have to wait.

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