Tuesday, 3 May 2011


I was recently diagnosed with Adult ADD . Not a surprise. I can't focus on anything. My whole life is a series of lurches from one thing to another. I have NEVER had a goal in my life. Or rather any goal I did have was fleeting at best. Here today gone tomorrow. Here this minute gone..Hey Look at the shiny thing!!!!!!!!

I should be happy I finally have a clue about why I'm the way i am but I've been depressed about this for the last two weeks.

Maybe its the lack of treatment I've known this for about 6 weeks . So far a tiny amount of counseling and indications I'll be going on VyVanse  . But other wise nothing. I want the fog I'm in to go away.

I want to repair the damage I've done to every relationship I've ever had.I won't of course. But the possibility is intriguing . My marriage was probably the worst relationship of my life. And as much as I spout the politically correct version that it took two to tango and we were both responsible for its failure  deep inside I've blamed her . Well not so much now. I must have driven her crazy. :(

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  1. Update. I wrote this 6 weeks ago and forgot to post. I'm on VyVanse and it rocks. I DO have more focus. Life got shitty elseware but this is working.